How are Varsity Jackets Worn by Men’s Celebs Today?

The traditional varsity jacket is still a celebrity favorite today. Rappers Jay-Z, Drake, Kayne West, Justin Bieber, P Diddy, and Zac Efron have all been spotted wearing varsity jackets recently.

However, the classic attire worn by high school football players and their cheerleader companions this season has undergone some fashion updates. The adaptable football jacket features a bit more structure and less bulk for 2020, attractive fits, plus a selection of charmingly understated pastel hues. Here are our top suggestions for layering with the coolest jacket of the season, from athletic to preppy, retro to classic.

How Should Men Wear a Varsity Jacket?

Choose a Slim Fit

Today’s versions aren’t quite as big or outwardly macho as those from the past, proving you don’t have to be a fit athlete to pull off the varsity jacket. Modern letterman jackets offer a more refined, fitted, and flattering form that goes well with a wider selection of bottoms and pants. Shorter men should still choose a basic, slim-fitting style that will not add excessive thickness to their upper bodies. Maintain the harmony with tapered or slim-fitting pants but pack a visual punch with bold stripes on the collar, cuffs, or shoulders.

For a Simpler Method, Pick an Item that is Monochromatic

There’s no need to jump right into the flamboyant red Michael Jackson style if you’re new to the varsity trend. For a subtle jacket that will not overpower the rest of your outfit and will easily transition you from day to night, stick to straightforward black and white patterns. Your white varsity jacket on top of a basic black or grey shirt, add a pair of damaged jeans, and complete the look with a pair of vintage canvas sneakers for a casual yet fashionable ensemble. Alternatively, keep your tee and jeans black and go for a varsity jacket with a black body and white or cream sleeves for a slimming, streamlined silhouette.

Put on a Pastel-Colored Varsity Jacket

This season, pastel colors are often used. Additionally, you can effortlessly incorporate two styles into one look by wearing a dusty lavender or peachy pink varsity jacket. Your varsity jacket will stand out in a modern way in your wardrobe thanks to these subtle and incredibly wearable tones, which won’t overshadow the rest of your look. Your favorite pair of frayed denim jeans will look great paired with a layer over a neutral-colored top.

Dress it Down by Wearing Jeans and High-Top Sneakers

All shades of denim pair well with contemporary varsity jackets in light greys, whites, creams, and pastel hues for a simple yet fashionable appearance. These modern interpretations of the Letterman classic feature a cozier, more laid-back vibe that works best with daytime clothes. For a casual look that will become your go-to for match days, dinner dates, or drinks at the pub, pair with high-top trainers in coordinating colors.

Put on a Shirt, Tapered Pants, and Brogues to Dress it Up

Keep it smart-casual by wearing a monochromatic or neutral-colored varsity jacket over a pristine button-down on top and tapered pants underneath. Add a pair of traditional brogues to your outfit to smarten it up even more, and you’ll have a look that’s professional enough for the office but not too formal for after-work drinks.



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